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"I was so fed up with being anxious all the time.  You explained really well what was going on and showed me how to change the way my brain responds, without going into deep history.  It really was just learning how to manage my brain, and that was surprisingly easy.  Now I am not overwhelmed by any of my emotions, I can calm myself easily when something happens, and I feel much more confident in myself than I ever did before".

Ali B. Edinburgh

IT consultant

Is your brain calm and clear when you need it to be?

Or do you find yourself getting stuck in indecision and confusion?  Maybe stressful situations make you feel anxious and even a bit panicky?  It's all happening in the unconscious brain.

If you identify with any of the statements on the right, this programme will help you.  

Do you yearn to feel calm, deep down inside?

Calm the unconscious brain so you feel self-assured and in charge.

With a calm mind and body we can feel comfortable in our own skins.  In this programme we use neuroscience to transform the way our unconscious brains react so that we actually are calm, not just feeling 'as if' we are calm.

Would you like to feel inner confidence?

Use your inbuilt unconscious brain states to create inner confidence.

With the inner calm we gain from simple, clear exercises to down-regulate our stress response, we can begin to feel deep-down confidence and know we are not going to be hi-jacked by either current emotions or past events.

Do you want to switch on clarity?

Learn what to do to think clearly and make good decisions.

Feeling calm and confident allows us to think clearly, without missing anything or over-reacting.  Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion, when you can think and feel clearly.  The calm, confident brain makes great decisions!


I'm Anne Cheshire, SEP, MNIMH, here in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and my passion in life is to help people from all over the world use the power of their own brains to feel calm and confident and create a life for themselves which is totally aligned with who they are.  

I'm a mum, a linguist, I've owned exercise studios (I still teach barre!), I've been a secondary school teacher, and I have been a trauma therapist for fifteen years. I've worked with thousands of clients and patients in one-to-one therapy, seeing them reconnect with themselves, find calm and confidence, and empower their lives.  What I have found is that it's not just about knowing rationally what to do, but about enabling the unconscious brain to feel calm.  And that's true, even if you have done years of 'talking therapy'.  You see, the unconscious brain does not understand words!

Rooted in in-depth training and clinical experience in my field of expertise, my system helps anyone with an unconscious part of the brain (that's you!) gain calm and confidence, find their purpose in life, and get on track.  I've been on that journey myself, and I'm here to be with you on your's.

The Calm, Confident Brain

From feeling overwhelmed and anxious to calm and confident.  A six-part programme to transform your unconscious brain responses so you can live life and take action with confidence

£99 Click here to purchase the programme

YES! You'd love to feel calm and confident, but it's not so easy, is it?

I know that this sounds like a tall order.  If you've ever suffered from anxiety, you've probably already tried to change the way you think.  Maybe you have tried out every which way to deal with the mood swings or anxiety that creep up and ambush you.  You've done mindfulness, counselling, therapy, even a trip to the GP, but none of these have worked deep down. 

And that's not surprising, because it's our unconscious brains which react to events and circumstances from long ago, maybe even back to childhood, and we retain patterns - survival patterns - which our unconscious brains are really reluctant to let go of.  This is not your fault!  Our brains are doing their best to keep us safe.

It's possible you've tried everything there is, and nothing has really worked.  And you are left feeling as if there is something wrong with you (there's not!).  You've tried and tried, and even read books and gone to classes.  Let's be frank - you know that if you were able to think your way out of overwhelm and anxiety, you would have done it by now!  I've been there, and I know what it feels like!

This can leave us feeling useless

  • stuck, as if there is no way out
  • paralysed, unable to take action or to think clearly
  • deeply despondent or even depressed
  • permanently on edge, whilst others sail through life, self-assured and in charge

The cost can be even greater, and we find ourselves here:

  • going round and round in our thoughts and wasting time
  • numbing out on Netflix and FaceBook
  • feeling exhausted with nothing to show for it, and wondering whether something is really  wrong with us

Here's the thing!  It doesn't have to be like that!  There's not something wrong with you, and there is a way out, a new way.

If you're like most people with anxiety or unable to feel truly confident, chances are you didn't even know it's not your fault, that your brain was trying to keep you safe.  But now you can learn to use a system based on neuroscience which gives you the tools to be calm and self-assured, and live your life with inner confidence.

There's the old way... or a totally different new way

If you are ready to say goodbye to the old way of overwhelm and confusion, then you are probably asking "how"? 

Say hello to the new way in The Calm, Confident Brain, a programme in which we teach your unconscious brain how to be calm and confident without the expense of doing one-to-one therapy.

It's not a course or a diploma, and you don't "think about" how you feel, it's a system where you DO things to change the way your brain responds.


What you get with the Calm, Confident Brain programme

Help for right now:  7 quick, easy, super-simple things to do for immediate first aid for anxiety or panic.  The video shows you how, and you can follow along with it to decrease activation or agitation and steer your brain towards a calmer state.

Crystal clear explanations from an expert in the field on how the unconscious brain responds to threat or uncertainty, and creates patterns that stay in place, whether we want them or not.  You learn what happens and what we need to do, to change the patterns.

Easy video lessons with super-simple exercises for changing the unwanted patterns and restoring calm in the three states the unconscious brain needs to be in to feel safe and confident.



Module 1:  First Aid for Right Now - return to this whenever you need to.

Module 2:  Why Does the Brain Make us Anxious? - The nerdy, theory part with clear explanations, so we can understand why the exercises work, and how to make them most effective.

Modules 3 and 4:  External and internal orientation - the first state for calm awareness and feeling safe rather than being on red alert.

Module 5:  Low-activation, calm 'get up and go' - the second state, known as 'fight', which allows us to get things done.  It's about confident motivation, not about being hostile or aggressive.

Module 6:  Calm, safe 'flight' - the third state necessary for us to feel safe, knowing there is a way out.



Bonus 1:  Coming out of Freeze and Dissociation - crucial if you ever find yourself freezing or spacing out when overwhelmed.

Bonus 2:  Taking it further - learn how to connect with your sense of self and trust your gut instincts - vital for making good decisions.

Bonus 3:  only available with this edition.  10 ways to ground and centre yourself using your new skills - just what you need if you find yourself knocked off kilter for a moment or two.

PLUS:  membership of the Calm, Confident Brain insiders' private FaceBook group for questions and support.  I'll be hanging out there to answer your questions and cheer you on.


£99 Click here to buy the full programme with bonuses

"So, is this really for me?"

That's a good question. This programme is for you if you want this:

  • A programme in which you learn how to take charge of your own brain for ever, and learn how to calm its reactions.
  • A way of making fundamental changes in the way you respond to life so you can begin to feel calm and confident.
  • The power to decrease anxiety and high alert in your own brain, in the part of the brain where it is actually happening.
  • Understanding about how our brains work to keep us safe, how they become stuck in high alert, and what we can do.
  • Instant access to a programme which enables you to learn and practise new skills in calm and confidence, step by step, alongside others for support if you wish.

Who this programme is not for:

It's really important to know what this programme does not do, and if you want any of these, this programme is not for you:

  • This is not a quick fix.  To change years and maybe decades of unconscious brain patterns, you have to practise.  But, however long these unhelpful patterns have been there, you CAN change them, step by step.
  • This is not something which is done TO you.  You actually have to follow along and do it yourself.  It doesn't work if you just think about it.
  • This is not therapy - it's coaching.  It's not about you retelling your story (that will intensify the unconscious activation), it's about changing how your brain responds now.

The Calm, Confident Brain


For all of the following and immediate access to

  • How-to videos to follow along with, worth over £2000 in one-to-one therapy fees
  • 6 - part programme for you to transform your brain
  • Bonus 1: Coming out of freeze and panic
  • Bonus 2:  Learn to trust your gut instinct
  • Only with this edition:  10 ways to ground and centre yourself, using your unconscious brain
  • Membership of insiders' FaceBook group for questions and support
  • Forever access to all materials
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I would love to join you on your journey to a calm and confident brain

I'm Anne Cheshire, and I'm the creator of this programme The Calm, Confident Brain.  Here's what it's all about.

It's been a difficult time recently, for everyone.  Since early 2020 we have been managing unprecedented stress and, for some, there's been real hardship and heartache.  I have hardly been able to see my children in London, including  my beautiful, tiny grandchild.  A visit from my son and his wife from New Zealand was cancelled, and I miss them all.  But I have been one of the lucky ones, in that I have managed to keep heathy, and keep working.  In fact my job as a trauma therapist has never been more in demand.

And that's what made me rethink, and go deep into what I can offer to many, not just on a one-to-one basis.  What could I offer, which would help anyone, anywhere, calm their brain activity and improve their confidence and their mental health.  What could I give, that would help people manage the incredibly difficult circumstances we are all going through, and that on top of 'normal' life?

This programme is the outcome of that rethink.  I have distilled from two decades of private practice, what it takes to calm the brain and gain confidence.  The result is this six-part programme, including essential first-aid for right now.  I've created videos of how I teach this to my one-to-one clients, which you can replay again and again, do it with me, and feel your brain calming.  It is the crucial foundation for making life decisions with ease and confidence, and for feeling good in your own skin.  And it's a stand-alone programme which you can use at any time, in any place.

I would be honoured if you were to join us.