Somatic programmes for calm, confidence, purpose, and motivation for life 


From anxious and antsy to calm and confident

Follow along with simple, step-by-step techniques using neuroscience-based somatic trauma therapy to feel calm and confident and ditch panic and overwhelm, with our short programme Calm, Confident Brain.


I help people decide what they want to do with their lives, so they  can make deeply motivated decisions and carry them out with full confidence

To discover your purpose, strengthen your sense of self, deep down inside, and make decisions which align totally with who you are, the fully supported Making Great Life Decisions programme is for you.


Supported online programmes based on somatic therapy, neuroscience and compassion, with Anne Cheshire, SEP, MNIMH, Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapist and coach 

My expertise: you feel deep-down confidence in who you are

Go from anxiety, panic and overwhelm to calm, confidence and courage

My passion:  you discover your purpose and direction in life

Find motivation with a future in total alignment with who you are, deep down inside.

My mission:  you make the right life decisions for you

Decide what's right for you, and get on track with unstoppable, step by step plans.

The Calm, Confident Brain

The short online programme for anxiety.  

Over years of working in trauma and somatic therapy, one-to-one with thousands of clients from all walks of life, and from all over the world, (as well as overcoming my own anxiety), one thing has become crystal clear:  It's the unconscious brain which regulates our levels of calm and confidence, WHATEVER the circumstances.  And you can discover how to change your unconscious brain without years of expensive one-to-one therapy.  This is my first area of expertise, the totally practical, neuroscience-based and somatics approach to calm and confidence.

With this programme you will be able to

  • Deal with overwhelm, panic, and emotional storms.
  • Calm your unconscious brain activation, so you can feel calm and in charge.  
  • Soothe, regulate and even repair the unconscious brain's fight,  flight and freeze
  • Feel good in your own skin
  • Build confidence and switch on clarity so you can think and feel clearly, and make better decisions.

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'The Calm, Confident Brain' is a somatics  and neuroscience based programme.  You can use what you learn in this programme to calm your brain, whatever the circumstances

More about the short programme: The Calm, Confident Brain

Helping you discover purpose and motivation for life

I'm Anne Cheshire, SEP, MNIMH, here in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.  My passion in life is to help people find their purpose and motivation, and overcome anxiety and doubt, so they can decide what they want to do with their lives, make great decisions, and carry them out with deep confidence.  

I'm a mum, a linguist, I've owned exercise studios (I still teach barre!), and I've been a secondary school teacher.  I have also suffered from deep, irrational anxiety myself, and I know what it feels like to be able to let go of that.  I have been a trauma therapist for fifteen years, and I've worked with thousands of clients and patients in one-to-one therapy, seeing them find calm and confidence, discover purpose, make great decisions, and empower their lives. 

What I have found is that it is not just about knowing rationally what to do, but about enabling the unconscious brain to support us in that.  And you do not have to do one-to-one therapy for that!

Rooted in in-depth training and clinical experience in my field of expertise (trauma therapy, Somatic Experiencing®,  and neuroscience-based therapy) my system helps anyone with an unconscious part of the brain (that's you!) gain calm, confidence, purpose and motivation, so they can make great life decisions and be empowered to carry them out.  I've been on that journey myself, and I'm here to be with you on your's. 

Join me in my short programme Calm, Confident Brain, or let me accompany you in the deep dive, the Making Great Life Decisions programme, which is fully supported with group Q&A or coaching, and one-to-one sessions included for you.  

Making Great Life Decisions, the deep dive programme for getting your life sorted out

Ready for a deep dive ?  This is the programme for you to connect with your sense of self, discover what you want to do with your life, and with a calm confident brain, get both the rational mind and the unconscious brain on the same page, working together, so you can find your direction and purpose, make really good decisions, and carry them out without procrastination, fear, doubt or self-sabotage

Follow along with simple, step-by-step techniques using somatic therapy and the power of easy neuroscience-based brain hacks, to feel calm and confident and discover a life which is totally aligned with who you are.  To find out more about this fully supported programme, click here.

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